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About Peerless Reel Company

Since the retirement of Robert Corsetti, founder and visionary of the world renowned “Peerless Fly Reel”,  Peerless Reel Company has stopped producing new products. For over 3 decades, Robert has worked with son-in-law, Lawrence Knowles and grandson, Steven Knowles to develop the best handmade reels available in the world. While Bob’s recent retirement has effectively closed the doors of the business, Lawrence and Steven do have aspirations to continue his legacy in the future. Both father and son are avid fly fishermen and like Bob, would not settle for anything less than a great fly reel.

All of us at Peerless Reel Company are very proud of our accomplishments over the years in producing handmade reels at affordable prices. Our reels are made to last and give top performance for a lifetime. We spare no expense on materials and labor to produce what we feel is one of the finest reels available on the market today. With a Peerless Reel, you get NO compromises in design or materials. Each reel is hand-crafted to ensure smoothness, reliability, strength, soundness, and performance. The "feel" of a Peerless Reel is one that cannot be defined. 

Each of these aspects of the Peerless Reel are brought to life through Robert’s vision, Lawrence’s design and fabrication expertise, and Steven’s post fabrication, assembly and testing efforts. A lot of detail and care has gone into each reel and part made and all three members of Peerless Reel Company have been key to ensuring you receive the best product possible for many years now. While we are not clear on the capacity Peerless Reel Company will continue to produce new reels or offer replacement parts, we are currently ironing out the details. Please stay tuned and for the time being if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us following the link below.

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