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These additions to the traditional styled Peerless trout reels are designed to satisfy those fly fishermen that would like to fish with the classic raised pillar design of yesteryear, but want the smoothness and rugged engineering of a Peerless.


They feature our right hand - left hand reversibility and inside adjustable pawl drag, the same oil impregnated bearings, stainless steel spool shaft, pawl gear, pawl, etc. as all Peerless reels do.

All parts are machined from bar stock.

Raised Pillar Trout Reel

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Model

     77* 7M (Midge)
    Width (inches) 1 5/8 1 5/32
    Diameter (inches) 2 1/2 ** 2 3/4 **
    Weight (ounces) 4.2 4.7
    Line Rating 1-3wt 4-5wt
    Capacity (yds 20#) DT3-20 DT4-80
    Price $649 $649
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