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The demands on a reel for salmon fishing are quite different than for large trout. The first is line capacity, the second is the need for a positive drag system.

After spending many months testing and experimenting, we have decided the best drag system for salmon and steelhead was invented over 100 years ago by Edward Vom Hofe.

This unique system not only has a non-fade, non-sticking drag, it also is the only self cleaning system! The problem in manufacturing the system today is that the original had a large amount of handmade and fitted parts. They also had limitations due to the materials available at that time.

We have modified the original, and we feel that we have improved the design with modern materials so that it is more easily manufactured and will give better service than the original Vom Hofe. (Many 100 year old reels are being used today on salmon rivers throughout the world!)

In addition to the primary drag system, we have added our adjustable pawl drag system to prevent the possibility of "free-spooling".

Using the latest technology and simple hard work, we have come up with the Peerless No. 5 & 6. These reels have all the virtues of the original Vom Hofe reels i.e.: positive, non-fading, non-sticking and self-wiping and are SMOOTHER than the original.

We believe these reels will perform to and meet the expectations of the most critical salmon and steelhead fisherman. The styling is similar to our other models, with the serpentine handle, one piece cage, spool, etc. The same care we give our trout reels is evident.

These reels will be available in small numbers due to the amount of handwork involved.

Salmon Reels

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Models

    4A(Spey)  5A


    Width (inches) 1 5/8 1 3/4  2
    Diameter (inches) 4 1/2 3 1/4 3 1/2 
    Weight (oz) 8.3 7.9 10
    Capacity (yds 20#) 10-12wt WF-7-150




    Capacity (yds 30#) DT11-150 WF-7-120




    Price $729 $929 $929
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