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Trout reel features include:

  • Bearings - The bearings are oil-impregnated bronze which hold lubricant long after other materials have "run dry" and are hard enough to provide a lifetime of wear and remain true and smooth.  We chose this expensive type of bearing over roller or ball bearings because they are best suited for the real world conditions of sand, dirt, etc.
  • Bearing Shaft - The stainless steel shaft is centerless ground to exacting tolerances to provide a smoothness that is expected of a quality reel.  Centerless ground means simply that the shaft is machined to eliminate the slightest bend or set and is absolutely straight.
  • No Glare Finish - We designed these reels to be fished and fished hard!  Since our reels are handmade, we wanted to preserve the look and feel or a quality reel without the shiny finish that would be detrimental for fishing by "spooking" fish.  So, we developed an attractive, but subtle anodized finish to prevent corrosion and provide resistance to scratches, etc.
  • The Pawl System - Our pawl system is our own "in house" design. With our system you may adjust the drag and also have right hand - left hand reversibility. The adjustment of drag is done by a simple turning of a knob for those who require frequent drag adjustments.  (Pat. applied for).  Our pawl system has been designed to provide a very smooth click, in and out.  The stainless steel pawl and gear have been carefully matched for material compliance and for close tolerances.  We feel our reels are the smoothest available today.
  • Reel Integrity - To maintain the smoothness, strength and close tolerances for years of use, we had to forgo quick spool capability.  Spare spools, if needed, must be fitted by us to your reel.  All parts are machined, stampings or castings are not used.

The combination of all of the above produces a reel that will last a lifetime and let you fish the lightest of tippets.  There is a "feel" to quality that cannot be denied!


Traditional Trout Reel

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Model 1A 1 1/2  2A 3A
    Width (inches) 1 5/32 1 5/32 1 5/32 1 5/8
    Diameter (inches) 2 3/4 3 3 1/4 3 1/4
    Weight (oz) 4.6 4.9 5.3 5.7
    Line Rating 1-4wt 4-5wt 5-6wt 7-8wt
    Capacity (yds.20#) DT4-30 DT5-30 DT6-40 WF7-150
    Price $649 $649 $649 $649

    Case: Tanned leather Y-K zippered case, lamb's wool interior.  

    Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty. 

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